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[17:00 GMT] Czech Republic vs Northern Ireland

Watch ⚽ Czech Republic vs Northern Ireland Live Stream Friendly on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Czech Republic vs Northern Ireland
Competition: Friendly
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 17:00 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Generali Arena

TV Chanel: Sky Sports Football.

[18:45 GMT] Kosovo vs Montenegro

Watch ⚽ Kosovo vs Montenegro Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Kosovo vs Montenegro
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri (Prishtinë (Pristina))

TV Chanel: beIN Sports HD 4.

Kosovo vs Montenegro Head-to-head (h2h)

  • The teams shared the spoils in the lone meeting in June 2019.

Kosovo vs Montenegro Prediction

The hosting contingent has kept a better form in their schedule recently. Having won half the ten encounters previously, they have recorded only one loss in it. Also, they have a persistent goal-scoring nature in their tactics, slotting in one in all previous ten matches. Besides, their only loss recently was against England with a hard-fought 5-3 score on the board.

Even so, they have rarely had secured any clean sheets. As such, their defense is still on the run with just two clean sheets in the last ten attempts. In the meantime, the visitors have been serving their foes with wins for the past few games. Since the last ten fixtures in their schedule, the Brave Falcons have defied their name with 6 losses and 2 wins. Also, they have given away four clean sheets to their opponents in the last ten ties.

Throwing light upon their performances when they face each other in h2h meetings, there is not much to squander over in detail. The teams have met only once in recent times and that too ended in a single goal draw.

Particularly at home, the Dardanians are unbeaten at home for the past nine clashes. Their previous loss at home was a 0-2 loss against Ukraine. Their previous encounter with the Czech Republic had also yielded a 2-1 win at home for the hosts. Apparently, the gust had their previous away fixture set up with the same opponents. But the Czech soil got the better of the Brave Falcons. And the guest has won only two of the prior ten away ties.

In the current league, Montenegro has not tasted success yet. Being unbeaten in the home ties in the tournament so far has given a breathing space for the host. Hence, there will likely be scarce rest for the Brave Falcon’s defense in the ninety minutes.

[18:45 GMT] Bulgaria vs England

Watch ⚽ Bulgaria vs England Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Bulgaria vs England
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Stadion Vasil Levski (Sofia)

TV Chanel: beIN Sports HD 11.

Bulgaria vs England Head-to-head (h2h)

  • Three Lions are unbeaten in their meetings from 1962 until now.
  • Three out of eight encounters ended in the sides sharing the spoils.
  • England has kept seven clean sheets in the previous eight clashes.
  • Lions have lost to the Englishmen in two out of three fixtures with the same 0-3 score.

Bulgaria vs England Prediction

The Three Lions holds renowned names in the club games like Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho, Trent Alexander Arnold, and Tammy Abraham. And on the other side, it’s hard to find such established names.

Even in the overall stats, the host has not registered a win in the last nine-ties. Even so, they have maintained five wins in the last ten home clashes against small teams which will not prove worthy against the rampage of the English cannons. In the meantime, Three Lions are lossless for the past ten encounters and have lost only one out of the prior ten home fixtures in their schedule.

Besides that, the Englishmen are also undefeated against Bulgaria in their h2h meetings for the past 56 years of clash history. Alongside that, they have kept seven clean sheets from the last eight h2h encounters. Even so, they have also won the last three wins with at least a three-goal margin in the ninety minutes.

Surprisingly, one of the previous eight fixtures in their h2h meetings have seen both teams scoring goals. Along with that, two out of eight fixtures have seen the teams sharing the spoils in the end. Also, these are the only stats that can be said nearly favoring the hosts.

Moreover, in the current league, the host is yet to register a win. But with 5 goals scored in 5 games, they are sure to put up a fight. Meanwhile, England with its unbeaten league run will have the upper hand in the ninety minutes.

As such, the match will probably end with the visiting side to set up a rampage attack on the scarcely formidable host.

[18:45 GMT] Ukraine vs Portugal

Watch ⚽ Ukraine vs Portugal Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Ukraine vs Portugal
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: NSK Olimpijs’kyj (Kyiv (Kiev))

TV Chanel: Sky Sports Premier League.

Ukraine vs Portugal Head-to-head (h2h)

  • The teams have met three times and each has a win.
  • Both wins were registered by the hosting sides of the match.
  • Their previous encounter was tied in a goalless bout.
  • At home, Ukraine had a 2-1 win in 1996 in the previous home encounter.

Ukraine vs Portugal Prediction

As we can tell from the table, both teams have shown good composure in the Group stages. Leading the group B with four wins and a draw in five ties, the host has won both home challenges. However, in the group, only the Portuguese squad poses a threat to them. This is clarified as their only draw in the league was with the Navigators.

Besides that, the visitors have two wins and two draws from their four appearances in the qualifiers. Significantly, Fernando Santos’s men had rallied both their tournament wins far from home. Since they seem so strong on stranger grounds, they might have a chance over the Yellow-Whites.

With his haul from the previous match against Serbia, Cristiano Ronaldo will surely leave the Ukrainian defense bewildered as always. Much over that, continued support from Bernardo Silva on the wings and young Jaoa Felix in the center has helped him finishing off in his previous league games. Henceforth, we can surely see the start striker see the back of the nets at Kiev.

Apart from that, Yellow-Whites have lost two of their last ten home fixtures. In the meantime, the Portuguese squad has just lost one out of ten away ties. Besides that, the teams have met previously which ended in a goalless draw in the league hosted by Ukraine. It can be watched whether the Navigators can continue their away unbeaten run once again.

As such, there is more chance for the visitors to win the game based on their performance in the Group stages recently. Even though it is safe to draw no bet upon the Navigators as the opposition is also stronger at home.

[18:45 GMT] Lithuania vs Serbia

Watch ⚽ Lithuania vs Serbia Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Lithuania vs Serbia
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Vilniaus LFF stadionas (Vilnius)

TV Chanel: beIN Sports HD 7.

Lithuania vs Serbia Head-to-head (h2h)

  • The guest is unbeaten in their last three meetings.
  • Their previous two encounters rewarded the same 4-1 win for the Eagles.
  • Both teams have scored in three out of five clashes recently.
  • Each team has won a game each of the two encounters hosted by Lithuania.

Lithuania vs Serbia Prediction

Upon the subject about the result in the encounter ahead, it is almost clear that the guest has more say in it. Evidently, the host has been winless in the last ten home matches in their overall fixtures. Also, their previous home win was in 2016, while Serbia lost only one out of ten encounters on the road.

Apart from that, the host is winless in the qualifiers group stages. They have lost four of the five ties in the tournament. In addition to their pathetic form is the goals conceded in the campaign. The host has conceded 15 goals in 5 appearances while netting only 4 in the meantime. On the other hand, the Eagles have lost and won two each clash in the league. Even though, the squad has managed to score an average of 2.0 goals per match in the league.

Besides that, the previous encounter between the two in the last season has seen Serbia coming out on the top with a 0-1 win. Moreover, their previous encounter was also won by the Eagles in a 4-1 home win. With their poor form in the current season even at their own turf has put them in a backhand. Serbia will be closing in on their foes with hopes to have a chance at the top two.

Alongside that, their previous home match against the Portuguese squad has left them devastated at the end. Even though they managed an early comeback, they could not hold Cristiano in the second half. Be as it may, the Eagles had luck in their previous away tie with Luxembourg awarding them an easy 1-3 win.

Henceforth, the clash will be crucial for the visitors if they are to climb up the table somehow. So, there are chances that the guest can take back the three points back home.

[18:45 GMT] Moldova vs Albania

Watch ⚽ Moldova vs Albania Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Moldova vs Albania
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Stadionul Zimbru (Chişinău)

TV Chanel: beIN Sports HD 5.

Moldova vs Albania Head-to-head (h2h)

  • Eagles are undefeated in their meetings from 1995 until June 2019.
  • The guest has kept three clean sheets in the last four clashes.
  • Semen Altman’s men have conceded at least two goals in three out of four encounters.
  • Their previous encounter awarded a 2-0 win for Albania at home.

Moldova vs Albania Prediction

Albania has balanced its stats in the current league with three wins and losses each in their form. Having recorded a win in the opening away tie, the guest has struggled to keep the rhythm going on forward. Even so, they have fared against a bigger team like France in their last trip on the road. The world champions had an easy 4-1 win but the Eagles did strike back at the last minutes of the game.

Moldova too has just one win from their three home ties in the group stages of the qualifiers. But with five overall losses from six qualifiers clashes in the season, they rarely stand a chance for being the favorites in the next encounter with Albanians. Also, their previous home game was with Turkey which also turned to a haul but without any response from the home side.

Besides that, another stat that supports the reign of the Eagles over Altman’s squad is the fact that they have only two goals so far in the tournament. And the 17 goals conceded along in the process confirm the demise of the hosting side against the team that scored against World Champions. In the meantime, the guest has been stingy in both scoring and receiving goals. They have placed a mediocre nine goals while letting nine passes by the goalkeeper.

As such, we can see that the traveling side has more capacity to find the back of the nets in the ninety minutes. Moreover, they will be mostly the first ones and the only ones to do so. Henceforth, we can count on the visiting side to take the lead after the final whistle of the encounter.

[18:45 GMT] Iceland vs Andorra

Watch ⚽ Iceland vs Andorra Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: Iceland vs Andorra
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Laugardalsvöllur (Reykjavík)

TV Chanel: beIN Sports HD 6.

Iceland vs Andorra Head-to-head (h2h)

  • ‘Our Boys’ is unbeaten in their meetings since 1999.
  • The host has scored 14 goals from their six encounters.
  • Tricolors have not scored a goal in any of their clashes.
  • Their previous encounter ended in a 0-2 win in Iceland’s visit.

Iceland vs Andorra Prediction

The visitor has not even been able to register at least a draw in the tournament and fairly doesn’t seem to do so in the future. It is as if the downfall has been readily accepted by the Tricolor dugout.

Iceland, however, had four wins from the six qualifier matches. Moreover, their two losses accounted for the reigning World Cup holders and Albania, both in away fixtures. In the meantime, the traveling side has lost to all the rest of the contenders in Group H and is the only team in the table to achieve so. Being a punching bag for the other teams is another unforbidden aspect of the visitors.

It is said so because the guest has conceded 14 goals while simply scoring none in their six encounters in the tournament until now. Also, they have conceded in all the games in their league schedule so far and seem determined to continue their streak. With a stingy approach at both scoring-end and receiving-end of the campaign, the host has scored 10 goals while conceding 9 in the process.

Besides that, their h2h clashes also show that the ‘Our Boys’ have definitely dominated over the Tricolors for almost 20 years. Significantly, all the games have not favored the traveling fans to spread their cheer at the stands. Sadly, the home team has recorded 6 clean sheets in their six h2h encounters with the visitor. Also, the hosting side has run its unbeaten streak with slotting in at least two goals in each game.

In addition to that, the guest has not tasted success in the previous 14 ties in their overall schedule. In the meantime, the host has three losses in the last ten fixtures and are also unbeaten in the last three home encounters. Henceforth, the match will be a clear stampede over the traveling side.

[18:45 GMT] France vs Turkey

Watch ⚽ France vs Turkey Live Stream UEFA Euro Qualifying on PC/Laptop/Smartphone.

Match details

Match: France vs Turkey
Competition: UEFA Euro Qualifying
Date: October 14, 2019
Kick-off time: 18:45 GMT, October 14, 2019
Stadium: Stade de France (Paris)

TV Chanel: Sky Sports Football.

France vs Turkey Head-to-head (h2h)

  • The host records three of the four wins in their previous meetings.
  • Three out of the four clashes, it was the hosting side that tasted the victory.
  • Blues are still unbeaten at home in all their clashes yet.
  • Their previous match awarded a defeat for the Blues on their visit.

France vs Turkey Prediction

It was surely a minor setback for the reigning champions in their last visit to the Crescent Stars. Even with their whole power machines in the squad, the World cup holders still lost to nil. Devastated as they were, the coach has assured of no more flaws in the play. Hence, we can affirm that the World Champions will surely prove their worth at their home.

Evidently, the host is unbeaten in the current league at home ties. To make things more favorable to them, the Crescent Stars have lost an away game recently against Iceland in the group H. Also, the visitors have lost one of the last three campaign ties. Whilst, the host has been lossless for the last three encounters in the tournament. Both teams holler the same form in the table (W5 D0 L1) in this season until now.

Besides, the guest was able to outwit the guest only in their last clash in their whole 19 years rivalry. Although they defeated the hosting side, it was at their own turf. So, they cannot expect the same result in the latter’s grounds. In addition to that, the Blues have not been defeated by the visitors in any of their h2h visits in the last 16 years.

Moreover, with such a strong team and a fascinating crowd more hyped after the global win, the noises are sure to put the nerves of the French players to work in the ninety minutes. As such, we can expect the match to enroll in a high scoring affair in the two halves. Also, the chances to seize the three points out of the clash lies in the hold of the home team.